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The Boudoir Experience

I offer a luxury bridal boudoir experience for both men and women (just because it's called bridal boudoir doesn't mean that the groom doesn't deserve to feel special). This is an experience that everybody, of every size, shape, and age can enjoy. There are no limitations and there are many reasons why this is the right time for you to book your session, but the key is you are perfect as you are right now, you don’t need to lose weight, tone up or wait for a better time.

Boudoir photography is such an empowering experience because it's not about looking perfect in the eyes of society but about looking perfect to you and proving to yourself that you are stunning just the way you are.

Romantic, sensual or suggestive: I photograph you for who you are. I know what beauty looks like, and how to capture it. An amazing bespoke experience, gorgeous photographs, happy memories and a boost to your self-confidence: this is what the Boudoir Experience is all about. And talking about an experience, that is what I believe a boudoir photography session is all about. This is a chance to not only have some gorgeous photographs but also an opportunity to get pampered as included in all my collections is professional hair & makeup. For the whole experience, I advise that you give yourself 6 hours. The session is usually shorter than this but 6 hours gives enough wiggle room for delays etc.

Why have a bridal boudoir session?

My wedding clients have a boudoir shoot for many different reasons. Some have one to give to their partner as a present either on the morning of their wedding day or on the wedding night, others want to treat themselves and have the sense of empowerment and body confidence that comes from having a boudoir shoot and some clients want to have sensual, intimate photos taken whilst they are in their prime so that they can look back on them in years to come with pride, after all you will probably be looking after your health, skin, hair and fitness in the run up to your wedding better than you have ever done before. Whatever your reason is for wanting a boudoir session, it is something that I believe everyone should do at least once because it makes you look at yourself in a completely different light.

Have you thought about having a boudoir hen party?

A boudoir hen party is a great way to have something a little different for your hen do. You and all your hens will have your hair and makeup done professionally and will be spoilt with a bottle or two of prosecco (this is a hen party after all). Everybody will have an individual shoot (the length of time will depend on how many attend) and will be provided with 5 fully edited images. The bride to be will also get a 6x6 'little black book' with a minimum of 10 edited images to commemorate the day.


Prices start from £50 per person (based on 10 people) and the shoot will take place at either an Airbnb or one of your homes. The whole session lasts 4 hours and most of my parties have it on either a Friday or a Saturday as a boudoir party is a great start to a night on the town.


What to expect from a boudoir shoot

1) We'll discuss any questions that you may have at the initial consultation for your wedding. However, if you decide at a later date that you want a boudoir shoot or perhaps you want one as a surprise for your partner then we can meet up again to go through all of the details. This includes the shoot location. These details don't have to be finalised here but it helps to have the discussion early on.

2) You decide what collection you want and then sign the contract (it's a different one to your wedding contract) and pay the 25% booking fee.

3) I send over my lingerie styling guide. Shopping for lingerie can be a minefield, especially if this is your first boudoir shoot, and this guide is a really good starting point to help you out.

4) You turn up for your session and have your hair & makeup done by a professional. You'll then have the best photoshoot experience you've ever had :) I will make you feel comfortable and relaxed and guide you with your posing so that we can produce the best photographs possible.

5) After the shoot I will head home and backup the photos. I will edit and retouch the photographs to a professional standard.

6) We'll get together again for the big image reveal. Clients are amazed at how they look in the photos and quite often can't believe that it's really them. For me personally, this is one of my favourite moments of the whole process.

7) While we are together it is a good opportunity to choose your favourite images. If you change your mind about the collection you want after you have seen the images then that is absolutely fine. I find that most clients want to move up by at least one collection.

8) You surprise your partner with the beautifully presented images on your wedding day and beam a massive smile when you see their face



You can choose to either have my à la carte service or choose one of my signature collections. The à la carte service just features the session fee, which is £295 and then you can customise the service to your taste by adding on hair & makeup or any products that you wish to choose, which can be found here.

The 3 packages that I offer can be found below:

If you are looking to purchase a bridal boudoir experience as a gift for the bride to be then I also offer gift vouchers, just get in touch to purchase one.



Hair & Makeup Artist *

Having a hair & makeup artist is the ideal was to be pampered during your boudoir session. This service is provided by a professional, who will ensure that you look your absolute best for your photoshoot. If you have an idea for the look that you want this can be discussed at your initial consultation and then I'll relay it onto the hair & makeup artist.

*This product is an additional £70 add on to your session fee but is included in the cost of all the 3 collections.



This is the most popular option for a boudoir shoot. The Airbnb locations have more options for shooting styles and setups than a hotel does, so the majority of my clients go with the Airbnb. 

This option does cost more than the standard package as I charge my clients the rental at cost.

On Location

We'll work together to select a location that matches your personal style and your goals for the shoot. There are lots of choices and things to consider, so it's best to chat about this during your pre-shoot consultation.

Your Home

This is the ideal option for someone who wants a boudoir shoot in familiar surroundings and is another popular option with my clients. The props that we could use in the shoot would be from around your house, meaning that there are more possibilities of showing who 'you' are in the shoot.



Great shoot with Dan last week at my home. Dan arrived on time and was very professional throughout the whole session.


Thanks Dan for a great first shoot, looking forward to seeing some images.


Dan arrived and instantly made me feel very comfortable, he was polite and courteous and very organised, he also made me laugh a lot which also made me feel at home - we created brilliant photos and he gave direction very well, he also is very creative and has a great eye for detail - a highly skilled photographer who I would recommend to anyone who looks to create striking and professional work


Daniel was lovely to work with, I'm thrilled with my images, when shooting boudoir it's really important that your photographer makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Daniel was great at this - would love to shoot together again.


I recently did a shoot with Dan and it was our first time working together. We discussed beforehand what themes and style we might go for and it couldn’t have gone smoother on the day. I felt so comfortable and respected which is always a must for both models and photographers. Dan was great to work with as he’s professional and fun, not to mention the final shots were stunning. I thoroughly recommend working with Dan either as a professional model or someone who just wants to look and feel beautiful. I know I can’t wait to shoot with him again!


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Please don't be shy. Contacting me is the first step to creating beautiful, empowering memories.

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