5 Reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

With all the different expenses that come with a wedding it can be easy to fall into the mind set of “we can cut this out” or “do we really need that?” to save money where ever possible. However, cutting certain vendors out or trying to get the job done on the cheap never works, after all, you get what you pay for. Of course, you can shop around and try and get the best deals for your wedding…but you’ve got to make sure that you’re getting value for money.

Wedding photography is extremely important (I know I may be biased here) and therefore something that you shouldn’t try and scrimp on (see my ‘How to Choose your Wedding Photographer’ article to read about how to choose your wedding photographer). This blog isn’t about that though it’s about why you should have a professional wedding photographer rather than a friend or relative, who has a DSLR, photograph your big day. So here are 5 points to back up this statement:

1) Having an ‘expensive’ camera doesn’t mean that someone is a good photographer

It’s all about the person behind the camera. Someone could have the best camera in the world, but the photos are still going to look bad if the photographer doesn’t have the knowledge that is required to take a good photo. You want someone who knows how to get the best out of their camera. Someone who has experience of shooting in different lighting conditions, composing different shots and photographing different types of photography. This means that you will get consistent photos throughout the day rather than just one or two decent ones.

2) You can leave a professional photographer to just get on with it

A professional photographer will know what they are doing throughout the entire process. From everything that happens before the wedding (all the planning, meetings, and discussions with your other wedding vendors), where to be and what to do during the wedding and then how to edit and deliver your images after the wedding.

3) You will feel at ease

As a professional photographer will be photographing and interacting with people regularly they will know the best way to make you feel at ease during the group and posed shots. This will mean that the photos will come out in a very natural way, not stiff and awkward with fake smiles.

4) They will have contingencies in place

A full-time photographer won’t let you down. I talked about why you shouldn’t have a friend or relative take your pictures, even if they do have a DSLR, because they won’t have the knowledge or the experience that a professional will have, however, a professional will also have back up equipment. That means a second camera, many, many lenses and lots of memory cards. They will also back up all the images and have back ups of the back ups.

5) One day, one chance

This is your wedding day. There are no other chances to get it right if all goes wrong on the day. And after your wedding photos will be pretty much the only thing remaining (except for your marriage obviously) so you want them to be perfect. You’ll show them to your children and grandchildren in 30, 40 or 50 years time and you want your photos to reflect how amazing your wedding day was so that you can look at them and relive the day over and over again every time. Wedding photography is an investment and when you look at it that way then it is actually a very good deal.

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