How to get started organising your wedding!

So, you've got engaged. Yay! That's super exciting. However, I'm sure the reality hit pretty quickly that you've now got to plan the wedding. Aaargh! There's so much to do. I thought that I'd write this article to give you some idea of the direction that you should start to head in and how to begin the whole planning and organisational process.

The first thing to do is celebrate, of course. Tell your family, tell your friends, drink the Prosecco. You don't want to by-pass the excitement of being engaged too quickly just to get down to planning your wedding.

1) But when you do start to plan your wedding the first thing that you need to do is set the date. This isn't as easy as it seems as it's not just a case of plucking a date out of thin air. You have to take into account the chance of people who you really want at your wedding being available. So this might mean that you won't be able to have that mid-week wedding for example.

Also, you need to make sure that the venue that you want to book is available on your desired day (and book it before you send out any Save the Dates). If you want to get married quickly, is there enough time to get everything sorted before the big day? So, make sure that you take all of this into consideration before setting a date.

2) There's going to be a lot of organisation for your wedding day so getting a good, robust folder will definitely help. Or you could use any of the numerous software tools that are available to you, such as Dropbox, Google apps or even online platforms, such as Bridebook. This will make everything so much easier over the course of the planning process.

3) Have a good idea of your wedding budget as early as possible. Are you going to be self funding it? Will you have help from your parents or other family members? Are you going to get a loan? (I wouldn't recommend this one though). Once you have a good idea of your budget it makes finding vendors a lot easier because you can allocate a budget to each one. It's also a good idea to choose your top 3 priorities, so for example that might be venue, photography and catering and then that's where the larger percentage of your budget should go.

4) Write out a preliminary guest list. This is a good thing to do once you've booked your venue as usually there is a minimum number of people that you can have and also a maximum limit, which you will have to pay extra for if you go over. Think about how you will allocate guests. Are you going to make sure that you have an even number each or will you just decide who you're having and as long as the combined total is over the minimum and under the maximum limit that's fine? Once you've got the guest list sorted you can send the Save the Date's out and now it all seems very real, doesn't it?

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