How to have an awesome boho wedding

I've already talked about how to have an awesome rustic wedding and so I thought I'd now cover how to create another one of my favourite wedding themes, boho.

First of all though, what is a boho wedding? Well, a boho (or bohemian) wedding has a lot of similarities and crossovers with a rustic themed wedding but with a few key differences. The boho theme has become very popular in the last few years and I'm so glad that it has as it always creates a gorgeous wedding and weddings that follow this style are always so photogenic. Thankfully, it doesn't look like the style is going to go out of fashion anytime soon. One of the reasons for this, I think, is that a boho wedding is very budget friendly but unlike a lot of weddings that are done on a small budget it looks like it cost a lot.

This brings me to my first point about a boho wedding. DIY as much as possible. Your save the date cards, stationary, wedding favours, table place settings etc. can all be done by you or your friends and family. And you can get really creative with them, let your imagination run wild. If you DIY as much as you can then you can allocate more of your budget to parts of the day that you really want, such as the venue or the photography.

Which, very nicely, brings us to the venue (almost if I'd planned this blog out). An outdoor venue is a must to really pull off the boho feel. There are more and more venues now that offer either purely an outdoor experience or they have a building, such as a barn, but will offer an outdoor location as well. The one problem with an outdoor setting (especially in Britain) is of course the weather, meaning that you'll want to hold your wedding in either the spring or summer, which can increase your costs because this is the main wedding season. However, if you're DIYing as much as possible you can control the cost.

The decor for your wedding will be as natural as possible. This means flowers, lots and lots of flowers. They should ideally be wildflowers and sourced locally. You can tie them to your guests chairs, the alter, have them in your bouquet and, of course, wear them in a crown. The possibilities of how to display them are endless, the point of the wildflowers is to create an environment that feels at one with nature, as some people might say that it is in fact nature that is the centre piece of a boho wedding.

So, I've just talked about a flower crown for the bride to wear, but what about the dress. Well, as with the rest of the wedding it should be simple and understated. These kinds of weddings are all about the lace and a throwback to hippy times and this should be reflected in your dress. It should be flowing and easy to walk about in outside, they are usually more ivory in colour than pure white. Yet again though you are free to experiment and let your mind run wild, why not have a two piece dress? Or one with flowers embroidered on it? For the grooms something more casual/chic is in order. The colours should be earthy, so perhaps brown or green and it should be finished with a bow tie rather than the traditional cravat or tie.

The most important thing to remember about a boho wedding is that it is supposed to be more relaxed and informal than a traditional wedding. This means that you can be more creative. You can experiment with textures and colours. If you want to wear boots with your wedding dress then go ahead (or maybe you won't wear any footwear at all). Just have fun with it and let your imagination run wild and I can guarantee that you'll have an awesome boho wedding day.

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