How to have an awesome rustic wedding

Rustic weddings are becoming more and more popular and I, for one, am really pleased. I have always loved the outdoors and countryside and so any wedding that incorporates these themes is always going to be awesome in my book.

But what is a rustic wedding? and how to you go about having one of your own? Well the term 'rustic wedding' refers to a wedding that pays tribute to the great outdoors. This can be done by having an outdoor venue (woodland settings are my absolute favourite) or by incorporating nature or nature inspired themes. There is really no right or wrong way to have a rustic wedding, it is all about letting your personality shine through.

There are many different styles and themes that the term 'rustic wedding' could cover and you can mix and match them to fit your own personal tastes, for example, you could have:

  • A shabby chic theme - this is a more upmarket affair and can incorporate lace, chalkboards etc

  • An eco-friendly theme - this involves minimum decor, everything being recyclable and just showing your love for the planet in general

Rustic weddings tend to have a more casual feel than a traditional wedding but you still have to put in a lot of time planning it. You have to decide whether you want to go the DIY route and make all of your own decor and ornaments or will you have the ceremony outside or in a barn venue (another popular choice with rustic weddings).

There's also the dress to think about. Will you be going with a more traditional style or be more inkeeping with the whole natural theme you've got going on (and I don't mean going 'au naturel'). I mean wearing a simple, understated wedding dress, of course, like the one below.

Another one of the many things to think about is the colour combinations that you are going to use. Will you be using a natural colour palette, such as browns, greens and yellows? or perhaps you will use bolder colours, such as reds, purples and oranges? Pastel colours are also popular for rustic weddings, so you may want more ivories and pale blues. Make this your wedding.

Traditionally your guests are served food that is cooked in an industrial kitchen and then served to their tables but there are so many different ways of making this an experience in itself. One of my favourites is to hire a barbeque company, such as 'The Meat Thief' or 'Sausage & Pear' that can cook the food on site and then either serve it to your guests or have your guests help themselves. This is a really good way of encorporating the natural feel and also it means that your guests mingle with each other rather than being stuck at their tables. Also, you'll want to make sure that your food is as local as possible, you could even make special arrangement with local farmers and gardeners to supply your food (this is pretty much a must if you want your wedding to be eco-friendly).

The same goes for the brides bouquet and any other floral decorations that you are having. You'll want to make sure that any flowers and foliage that you use are in season and locally sourced. If you are getting married in the middle of a woodland then nature has already done the hard work for you, but get married in the spring or summer if this is the case, so that the flowers are in full bloom.

If you are going for this gorgeous rustic theme then a good way of achieving a genuine feel is to get as many antique items as possible to add to your decor. Or maybe juxtapose these items with polished furniture or a chandelier hanging elegantly from the roof of the barn.

I hope that this very quick tour through all things rustic weddings have encouraged you to go ahead with your very own. There are so many variations that you can incorporate to make this theme unique to you and don't be afraid to combine different elements. Just because something isn't traditionally rustic doesn't mean that it won't work (just look at the chandelier example above). This is your moment to show off your personality and if you concentrate on the details you can really put your mark on this style.

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