Maria & Andy's Wedding | Bartley Lodge

The amazing things about weddings is that they never go to plan and this one was no exception. I was supposed to go to the groom's house first thing in the morning to photograph the groom prep. However, about 20 minutes from his house I got a call to say that I was to go straight to Bartley Lodge and start photographing the venue and wedding setup. Never mind, that's just part of what being a wedding photographer is all about.

I shot this wedding with Melissa from Melissa Megan Photography and it was a perfect day for it (apart from about 10 minutes where it poured down out of nowhere). The rest of the wedding flowed very smoothly with the majority taking place inside, except for the group shots which were taken outside in the beautiful garden.

The highlight of the day for me was definitely the delivery of the rings. They were delivered by a barn own swooping down the aisle, much to everyone's surprise. The groom and best man were the only two people who know this would happen so the gasps from the guests were genuine.

Congratulations Maria & Andy and I hope you have a long and happy marriage.

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