Top 10 boho wedding ideas

So, I've already talked about 'How to have an awesome boho wedding' and if you haven't read that, why not ;p I'm only joking, but I do think that reading that article will give you some background to this one.

Boho, or bohemian, weddings by design are much less formal than the traditional wedding that probably comes to most peoples minds when they think of a wedding. Personally, I love them. This is why I really try to market myself to couples who are having a boho wedding. However, knowing that you want to have a boho wedding is one thing, coming up with ideas about how to pull it off is something else entirely. Below are 10 ideas to hopefully get you started and get those creative juices flowing.

1) The dress

As this is the first item that is often thought of I thought I'd start with it. Of course, wedding dresses are completely subjective but boho wedding dresses pretty much all have certain characteristics. You want to concentrate on it being free and flowy and usually without a train or a very short one. As far as the colour goes, think pinks or ivories, you'll want to stear clear of brilliant whites as this will clash with the rest of the decor at your wedding and to add some more visual interest you could have flowers embroidered onto it.

2) Venue

Pick an outdoor venue for your wedding. This can be a woodlands, a farm, a beach, a vineyard, there are so any options. You want to skip the formal venues and being outdoors will take your wedding back to nature and put your guests at ease. There are more and more outdoor venues opening up and you've just got to find the one that's right for you.

3) Flowers, flowers everywhere

Boho weddings are all about going back to nature, which is why you want to have it outdoors. And what better way to create the sense of being one with nature than by putting flowers EVERYWHERE! Floral crowns are fantastic and and will really complement your dress, especially if you have flowers embroidered onto it. Also think about having a flower arch at the ceremony and floral wreaths attached to the chairs nearest the aisle. You can really use your imagination here and have fun with it.

4) Hairstyle

The boho hairstyle is usually just longer than shoulder length and has some sort of braid and

An example of a boho hairstyle

wavy combo going on, perhaps you could even have some silk flowers to complement your floral crown.

5) Games, games, games

As I said earlier, boho weddings are relaxed, informal affairs and having games after the ceremony is the ideal way to get everybody into that frame of mind. Family games usually go down the best and can include things like tug-o-war, croquet (and other lawn games), perhaps a Duplo setup for the younger kids and giant Jenga. Essentially any game that will get people involved and having fun.

6) The smaller touches

Even though all of the above are pretty big items (and probably quite high up on your to-do list) don't forget the smaller details. When thinking about boho quite often the imperfect is what to choose. Mismatched place settings can really add to the charm and felling that you'll be wanting to achieve and there are now loads of companies that hire out tableware to fulfill this look, such as Harriet's Table in Sussex.

7) Use nature to your advantage

Trees are ideal to hang things from. Lanterns look amazing when hanging from a tree, especially when it starts to get dark. You can also use them to hang fairy lights, bunting, signs, anything you can think of really. And because you are using nature it all blends together and gives your whole wedding the perfect feeling and look that you're going for.

8) Food & drink

This should tie in with the outdoors feeling that you are trying to create at your wedding. This is where a barbecue or hog roast comes in. The smell of the smoked food will perfectly add to the ambience that you are creating and will go even further at creating a relax environment. Also, I recommend hiring a VW camper van bar, who doesn't want to be served a refreshing drink out of one of these and it will conjure up images of the 1960's hippy era, tying in beautifully to your theme.

9) Keep your cake simple

Instead of having a 4 tier monster, it's best to keep your cake as simple as possible to fit in with the rest of your theme, definitely understated. A 2 tier cake should be fine, possibly with some floral decor and following your wedding's colour scheme. And talking about colour scheme...

10) Colour scheme

The colour scheme should fit into your boho theme. This will included lots of earthy colours, such as greens, browns and even burgundy and mustard yellows. Pinterest is a great place to get ideas for a colour scheme. Once you have your colours you can start to build everything else around it. It will probably dictate what colours your flowers are going to be, the details of your cake, perhaps you might even have a signature drink for your wedding that fits into the colour scheme. The options of customisation are almost unlimited, so let your imagination run wild.

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