Top 10 ideas for a rustic wedding

So, you've decided that you are going to have a rustic wedding...YAY! These are my favourite types of wedding, I just love everything about them and I'm so glad that you're reading this blog as it means that it's time for you to be inspired.

But now that you've made the first, probably biggest decision of your wedding day (as it will tie in with everything else...the dress, the decorations, the venue etc etc) you might very well be a bit stumped about where to go from here. But fear not, I have you covered. Below I have listed out 10 ideas to get you started with planning your rustic wedding.

1) Location, location, location

The perfect location really sets the tone for the whole day. Once it is chosen you can then build the rest of the day around it. So are you going to go for a barn venue, such as The Clock Barn near Winchester or a woodland location, just like the one by Mustard Events in East Sussex? Decisions,decisions.

2) Have lots of exposed wood

If you want that authentic rustic experience then exposed wood is a great way to go about it. If you have large oak tables for your guests during the reception then go with out the table cloths, that exposed wood grain will look gorgeous. Also make sure that the arch at the end of the aisle is exposed wood as well, trust me it will look stunning.

3) Think outside the box for your wedding dress

Instead of having a traditional, flamboyant wedding dress think more understated. Boho style wedding dresses fit the surroundings of a rustic wedding better as they are usually not pure white (perhaps the are more rose gold or champagne in colour). They also won't have a long trail but instead will finish somewhere around ankle height. Click here to get even more inspiration.

4) Rustic bridal bouquet

A wild bouque will work wonders here. If you can collect local wild flowers (with permission from the land owner, of course) or find a flourist who offers wild bouquets you will really start to pull together the perfect look for your wedding day. An idea would be to opt for roses, hydrangeas and lots of trailing foliage instead of the more traditional peonies.

5) Flower crowns for days

You've probably seen them on Pintrest or Instagram. Flower crowns are definitely a must have accessory to complement your dress and bouquet and you can get them delivered to you or make your own thanks to companies such as Flash Floozy.

6) Benches instead of chairs

This works especially well if you are having a woodland wedding. You can have benches instead of chairs at both the ceremony and reception if you want or maybe just one of them. Either way benches will look lovely if you have included all of the above ideas and an added bonus is that they bring people closer together during the reception as chairs can act as a barrier to people getting to know each other.

7) Wooden signs everywhere

This is a really good way of DIYing your wedding as well. If you have hand painted wooden signs leading guests to the ceremony location or highlighting certain areas of your wedding, such as a selfie station, it just adds to that authentic rustic feel.

8) Use lighting wisely

Fairy lights always look amazing and they will really help set off the other rustic aspects of the wedding, not to mention they make for beautiful photographs as well. Also, ask the venue if you can have candles (some might not let you as they can be a fire hazard) and set them up in dark corners of the barn to just give that flickering glow.

9) Hay bales, embrace them

They just look gorgeous and make for great props for your wedding portraits, enough said.

10) Have guests sign pebbles

Instead of a guest book have a bucket of smooth pebbles and ask your guests to write a message on them and put them in another bucket. This is different to the way that most weddings do it and your guests will love it.

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